Distance Computer Science Program

  • Each course is 3 credit hours, and each is offered in summer, fall, and spring semesters

  • Online and asynchronous

  • Course requirements for each student include:

    • A computer with an attached web camera for proctoring.

    • A quiet place with reliable internet access and access to web browser

  • Tests are proctored digitally

CS 1301: Introduction to Computing

This introductory computer science course teaches students foundational computing principles, including how to write and read computer code and how to run and debug code. This innovative online course includes recorded lectures, optional recitations, and online discussion forums. Students learn to program in Python. They take four proctored exams at the time of their choosing, each within its own four-day window.

If students receive credit at Georgia Tech with a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Computer Science A exam, this is the course for which they get credit.

Preview the CS 1301 Course

The CS 1301: Introduction to Computing course covers the following topics:

  • The fundamental design cycle of computer science and computer programming: writing code, executing it, interpreting the results, and revising the code syntax based on the outcomes.

  • Usage of the fundamental atoms of programming: variables, mathematical operators, logical operators, and boolean arithmetic.

  • Control structures for developing dynamic programs, including Python libraries: conditionals, loops, functions, and error handling.

  • The core data structures for creating useful programs: strings, lists, dictionaries, and file manipulation.

  • Previews of the next big topics in computer science: object-oriented programming skills, and computer algorithms.

CS 1331: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java

This course offers an introduction to techniques and methods of object-oriented programming such an encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Emphasis on software development and individual programming skills. Pre-requisite: CS 1301.

Preview the CS 1331 Course

The CS 1331: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Java course covers the following topics:

  • Learn the foundational basics of the Java programming language.

  • Learn the basics of object-oriented programming and algorithms.

  • Learn how to create and use exceptions, data structures, recursion, and graphical user-interfaces (GUIs).

Which class should you choose as a beginning of your Dual Enrollment Computer Science experience?

The primary consideration of your starting point is whether or not you have experience coding in Python, the programming language of CS 1301. Most students who apply to Georgia Tech have experience in Java.

  • If this will be your first college computer science credit, you should apply for CS 1301.

  • If you have already successfully completed Georgia Tech’s CS 1301 for credit, you will be considered for CS 1331.

  • If you have taken AP Computer Science A and have a score of 4 or 5 on the exam, you may choose to start in CS 1301 or CS 1331. Because the programming language of AP Computer Science A is Java and the programming language of CS 1301 is Python, we recommend starting in CS 1331 only if you have also already learned Python.

Competitive Admission and Prerequisites

The dual enrollment admission process is selective. Interested students should have a profile like students in the top quarter of Georgia Tech’s first-year class to be competitive. Prospective students should meet the following criteria:

  • Be eligible for Georgia’s Dual Enrollment program.

  • Be in 11th or 12th grade.

  • Have previously taken two college level classes (may be AP, IB, or dual enrollment) at least one in math or science.

  • Have completed precalculus or be concurrently enrolled in precalculus

  • Have some experience with computer programming (classes or hobby acceptable).

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