Distance Math Programs

Most of our dual enrollment students are in Distance Math. We partner with more than 90 high schools in Georgia to offer this program.

Lectures are pre-recorded and available to students in a learning management system. Students are expected to view three lecture recordings each week. Instructors will teach live studio sessions twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday, from 8:25 to 9:15 AM.

Studio sessions will also be recorded for review or for students who do not attend live sessions. Students must take proctored tests 4 to 5 times per course on specific dates. Test dates are announced at the beginning of the semester. You can enjoy the challenge of a college class and professor without leaving your high school.

Distance Math Year One

Students who have completed AP Calculus BC may apply to take:

  • Math 1554 : Linear Algebra (Fall)

  • Math 2551: Multivariable Calculus (Spring)

Distance Math Year Two

Students who have completed Distance Math Year One may apply to take:

  • Math 3012: Applied Combinatorics (Fall)

  • Math 2552: Differential Equations (Spring)

Competitive Admission and Prerequisites

The dual enrollment admission process is selective. Interested students should have a profile like students in the top quarter of Georgia Tech’s first-year class to be competitive.

Distance Math Year One

  • Number of Spaces in Program: 580

  • Number of applications last year: 750

  • Pre-requisites: AP Calculus BC score of 4 or 5

Distance Math Year Two

  • Number of Spaces in Program: 80

  • Number of applications last year: 85

  • Pre-requisites: Distance Math Year One

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Want to Learn More?

We invite you to view the recording of the annual Distance Math Prospective Student Meeting held virtually on April 24, 2024. This recording covers all topics related to the program, including:

  • Course Content

  • Technology

  • Participation requirements and expectations

  • Admission process and competition

  • State Funding program


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