Transfer Credit Information

Transfer Equivalency Table

The Georgia Tech transfer equivalency table lists all coursework and institutions (domestic and international) currently evaluated for transfer credit by our academic colleges. Students can search transfer credit by institution, subject area and term. Be sure to select the correct TERM (see equivalent data for all terms) when initiating a search on the table. The Georgia Tech Registrar’s Office manages and updates the table on a regular basis.

Regionally accredited colleges or coursework not listed on the table will require an academic review by Georgia Tech faculty after admission but not during the application review process.

Collegiate credits earned as part of a dual enrollment or early college program can satisfy course requirements by major and receive transfer credit after review of the transfer equivalency table.

Transfer Equivalency Table

Transfer Credit by Exam

Credit by exam awarded by another college or university can satisfy course requirements by major if the course credit is listed on the official college transcript and transferable on the Georgia Tech transfer equivalency table.

The course name, code, and credit hours for each course credit award must be on the official college transcript. If it is not on the transcript, then credit is subject to Georgia Tech’s credit by exam policy.

  • AP Exams

  • IB Exams (International Baccalaureate)

  • SAT Subject Exams

  • General Certificate of Education - Advanced Level (A Level)

Contact the Registrar’s Office at your institution to determine if credit by exam is listed by individual course on the official transcript. If Georgia Tech is unable to see each course credit award, then additional information may be required.

Transfer Credit Evaluation

An official transfer credit evaluation is available to admitted students prior to FASET Orientation. Georgia Tech will notify admitted students in their admission portal and provide instructions on how to submit a credit evaluation request for coursework not listed on Tech’s transfer equivalency table.  Georgia Tech recommends students save each course syllabus in case a credit evaluation request is required.

Transfer Credit Policy

The basic policy regarding the acceptance of the courses by transfer is to allow credit for courses completed with satisfactory grades (C or better) in other accredited U.S. colleges provided the courses correspond in time and content to courses offered at Georgia Tech. International coursework is subject to review and transfer credit may be awarded on a case-by-case basis.

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